BRO-KER-BÉT Broiler Trading Ltd.

Bro-Ker-Bét Ltd was founded on September 15, 1989. It operates near the city of Újhartyán, about 42 kilometers south of Budapest, capital of Hungary, and only 0.5 kilometers from the M5 highway. The exact address of the company is H-2367 Újhartyán, Liebner dűlő 7.

The company’s primary activity is poultry breeding but is also active in the fields of agricultural consultation and service. The breeding pair stocks of the company produce nearly 17 million hatching eggs annually.

In the past 25 years the managers of Bro-Ker-Bét Ltd – first as broiler breeders, then as breeding pair breeders – had the opportunity to accumulate a solid and extensive knowledge on keeping broiler chicken and breeding pairs so they can handle all problems and requirements of our partners.

The company’s production is conducted at three sites that are owned by the company and. One of the sites is used for pre-breeding, the other two for producing in order to ensure a continuous supply of fresh, high-quality eggs for incubation. The work performed with various types of high production capacity broiler hybrids (Ross, Cobb, Hubbard) allowed us to gain wide experiences.

At the moment the company has 88 employees. In order to ensure the best possible production results the company provides regular consultation to its partners.

At the three sites we have recently started a complete modernization aimed at providing the best possible environment for the birds. This is achieved by replacing the feeding, watering and ventilation systems and by applying more modern technologies. In addition to this the company plans a complete overhaul of the sewage system to improve the status of the environment significantly.

All our sites are completely wired in and are situated far from any human habitation. Biological security is continuously monitored and the production system operates under the regular control of the animal health authorities in accordance with the regulations of MAFF. Good relations with the broiler breeding partners help in maximizing production so thus improving profitability for each member of the production chain.

In 2014 our company was certified by QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH as a first category breeder, which ensures the highest possible level of production of the Ltd's product and this certificate was renewed in the year 2016.

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